Vivekodayam Vidyamandir Kshema Trust Trust Annamanada functions with a high motive of serving the humanity satisfying their needs in educational, cultural, social and economic aspects of life. Vivekodayam Vidyamandir Annamanada is one of the noble endeavors of the trust which has such a divine commitment to the society at large and to all those who enter the domain seeking the knowledge and wisdom.
They accomplish it …..
• By quenching their thirst imbibing the hidden knowledge
• Providing Quality and Value added Education.
• Nurturing an inquisitiveness and the love of learning and inculcating an intrinsic motivation to excel in every level.
• Making them wise and intellectually powerful and empowering them with the skills to meet the challenges in their later years of life.
• Making it possible by the noble service of the dedicated, experienced, very skilled and motherly faculties who with an added fervor by attaining Educational Training Course make them enlightened and enthusiastic youth of the 21st century.
• Frequent re-orientation strategy in the Quality Management system make everything updated.